Bifidobacterium breve as Next Generation Probiotics

Bifidobacterium breve (B. breve) is one of the most useful probiotics in the human body. Some of the main functions of B. breve in the digestive tract are to ferment sugar, produce lactic acid and acetic acid, but it also has many other important digestive and regulatory functions.

Introduction of B. breve

B. breve is a kind of Bifidobacterium with probiotic characteristics, which is famous for its probiotic benefits to infants and young children. It is a Gram-positive, anaerobic, rod-shaped organism with no motility. It forms branches with surrounding organisms and is particularly important in the function of the colon. Its branches are rod-shaped and look almost like cactus under the microscope. B. breve has a unique ability to compete with other bacteria because it can digest a wide range of molecules, and has the superior ability to decompose a variety of food types, even plant fiber, which is usually considered to be difficult to digest.

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B. breve in Diseases

B. breve has been studied and related to many conditions. It combined with prebiotics or other probiotics and standard therapies has shown some beneficial effects in the treatment of many diseases.

  • Gastrointestinal (GI) Disorders
  • It is well known that disease states are usually characterized by malnutrition of the gut microbiota. Probiotic treatment can represent an alternative treatment for GI diseases in humans. Studies have shown that B. breve can be used to treat a wide range of GI diseases, including inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), reducing pain, bloating, and constipation.

  • Metabolic Disease
  • B. breve may be associated with chronic obesity. There is increasing evidence that the variation of the human intestinal microbiome is associated with excessive weight gain. A study conducted by microbiology, food, and health biosciences showed that treatment of pre-obese patients with B. breve strain B-3 can stop or reverse obesity.

  • Skin Disease
  • Children, in particular, may benefit from the anti-allergic effects of B. breve. It has been shown that it can reduce the risk of skin diseases (such as eczema and atopic dermatitis) in children, especially those who are already susceptible to allergies.

  • Neurologic/Psychiatric Disorders
  • B. breve's strain A1 has been studied for its effect on Alzheimer's disease. This study includes experiments in mice, and so far, it has shown hope to slow or reverse the disease.

Our Drug Discovery Service of B. breve

Now, we propose a one-stop drug discovery services for B. breve, covering the design and implementation of a series of high-quality solutions including strain selection, strain modification, administration method, dosage form, and drug compatibility, etc., to help our customers' researches from all over the world.

CAT Product Name Product Overview
LBP-007CYG Bifidobacterium breve Powder Freeze-dried Bifidobacterium breve Powder.
LBST-055FG Bifidobacterium breve; 15700 Bifidobacterium breve is a Gram-positive, anaerobic, rod shaped organism that is non motile and forms branches with its neighbors.

For Research Use Only. Not intended for use in food manufacturing or medical procedures (diagnostics or therapeutics). Do Not Use in Humans.

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For Research Use Only. Not intended for use in food manufacturing or medical procedures (diagnostics or therapeutics). Do Not Use in Humans.

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