Enterococcus spp. as Next Generation Probiotics

Some strains of Enterococcus such as E. faecium and E. durans have been shown to relieve the symptoms of irritable bowl syndrome, which provides a new idea for the development of next-generation probiotics. Creative Biolabs is committed to providing highly customized comprehensive solutions with the best quality to advance our global clients' Enterococcal probiotics development.

Introduction of Enterococcus spp.

Enterococcus is a group of facultative anaerobic organisms, belonging to the phylum Firmicutes. Enterococci are gram-positive cocci that often occur in pairs (diplococci) or short chains. Although enterococcus cannot form spores, they can tolerate a wide range of environmental conditions, such as extreme temperatures (5-65 ℃), pH values (4.5-10.0), and high sodium chloride concentrations. Enterococci are normal microorganisms of the gastrointestinal tract of humans and animals. However, Enterococci also cause some important clinical infections such as urinary tract infections, bacteremia, bacterial endocarditis, diverticulitis, meningitis, and spontaneous bacterial peritonitis. Enterococci are ubiquitous (e.g. water, plant, soil, and foods). They have been used as indicators of human fecal contamination in water. Some strains of Enterococcus have been also used as food preservation because they produce antimicrobial peptides with the potential to suppress the growth of food-borne pathogenic and spoilage bacteria.

Potential of Enterococcus spp. as Probiotics

Recently, Enterococcus species have been used as probiotics because of beneficial characteristics of some strains such as stimulation of immunity, hypocholesterolemic effect, anti-inflammatory activity, and prevention/treatment of some diseases such as diarrhea. Now some species of Enterococcus have been identified as probiotics, such as E. faecalis, E. faecium, E. lactis, E. hirae, and E. durans. E. durans M4-5 has been revealed to produce short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs) that induce significant anti-inflammatory effects and are responsible for the integrity of the intestinal epithelium, providing a new treatment for inflammatory bowel disease.

E. faecium SF 68 produced in Switzerland has been used as a probiotic for the prevention of antibiotic-associated diarrhea and the treatment of diarrhea in children. Strain E. faecium PR88 can relieve the symptoms of irritable bowl syndrome in humans. Besides, some Enterococcus strains such as E. durans KLDS 6.0930 have been supposed to lower human serum cholesterol levels. Although some Enterococcus strains have been identified as effective probiotics for treatment and prevention of diarrhea, their use remains a controversial issue because of their opportunistic pathogenicity implicated in several nosocomial infections. Therefore, it is required to select truly harmless enterococcal strains via a strict assessment concerning safety aspects in the development of new enterococcal probiotics.

Highlights of Our Enterococcus spp. Drug Discovery Services

Enterococcal probiotics represent potential therapeutic and preventive strategies for inflammatory bowel diseases. Recent studies have revealed the effective role of Enterococcal probiotics in the treatment of diarrhea. However, much work remains to be done to translate the experimental results into probiotic products.

Creative Biolabs is an outstanding and experienced expert in the field of development of next-generation probiotics. Based on cutting-edge technologies, our professional scientists help you formulate optimal solutions for the development of probiotics. Our service package includes identification and isolation of next-generation probiotics, safety test for probiotics products, host-microbe interaction tests, and cGMP manufacturing of probiotics products.


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