Enterococcus faecium as Next Generation Probiotics

As a successful strategy for new drug discovery, next-generation probiotics (NGPs) have shown its potential in various disease treatment, especially for malignant tumors. Creative Biolabs provides a panel of Enterococcus faecium (E. faecium)-based services to support NGP development. Our multidisciplinary team will provide flexible solutions for E. faecium probiotic design, evaluation, and pre-clinical testing. To date, we have won a good reputation among our worldwide customers for accomplishing numerous challenging projects in this field.

Introduction to E. faecium

E. faecium is a subtype of Enterococcus spp. and belongs to the family Enterococcaceae. E. faecium can be found in a range of hosts and microenvironments, such as water, dairy foods. E. faecium plays an important role in the food preservation or carbohydrates fermentation industry. Generally speaking, E. faecium has been used as primary or non-starter cultures for cheese varieties by enhancing protein hydrolysis and fat decomposition ability, improving the utilization rate of amylase and citric acid, as well as acidification ability. Furthermore, many reports have demonstrated that E. faecium can produce folate that is essential to cell metabolisms, cell division, vitamin production, and amino acids synthesis. As a consequence, E. faecium has been considered as a new class of next-generation probiotic (NGP) and has been exclusively studied for treating cancer and gastrointestinal disorders.

The micrograph depicts E. faecium bacteria cultured in the blood agar medium. Fig.1 The micrograph depicts E. faecium bacteria cultured in the blood agar medium.

E. faecium for Disease Treatment

As a significant part of drug discovery, our laboratory has developed a seamless platform for NGP development. This platform can help produce a large number of GMP-grade E. faecium NGP products to treating various disease types. With our experienced experts and advanced technologies, we have generated a series of E. faecium-based assays against many human diseases, including but not limited to:

In recent studies, a large number of E. faecium strains have been isolated and used in several probiotic products against gastrointestinal diseases, such as gastric ulcers. Nowadays, many large scales of randomized clinical trials have been conducted for assessing the safety and efficacy of these E. faecium -based live biotherapeutics drug candidates. A significant cholesterol-lowering activity of E. faecium L3 strain has been observed in clinical studies. Also, the data have suggested that this strain can be a powerful genetic tool to kill pathogens in the human body and offer it specific metabolites and vitamins.

Pilot studies have shown that some E. faecium strains can inhibit the growth and metastasis of colorectal cancer (CRC). for example, the role of E. faecium CRL 183 strain on the incidence of chemically induced CRC has been evaluated in male Wistar rat models. The results have indicated that a 50% inhibition of CRC incidence can be observed in the E. faecium CRL 183 group compared with the control group. Moreover, E. faecium CRL 183 strain can be considered as an NGP against CRC by boosting immune cell function and improving regulation of cell proliferation.

Why Creative Biolabs?

As a well-established company in the bio-industry, we offer high-quality E. faecium studies services. Guaranteed to perform within the specified time frame, and the quality of E. faecium-based projects is always maintained to the end. Other features:

  • Precise E. faecium strain isolation and identification
  • Professional knowledge of E. faecium characterization
  • Integrated solution based on multiple methods
  • Rich database of data analysis

Creative Biolabs is a leading CRO company that is dedicated to helping our worldwide customers shorten the discovery and development time in live biotherapeutics drugs. We are also specialized in improving current approaches for E. faecium studies, which can boost long-term efficacy and reduce the cost to a more affordable level. Please feel free to contact us to get more information and a quote for any E. faecium based projects.

For Research Use Only. Not intended for use in food manufacturing or medical procedures (diagnostics or therapeutics). Do Not Use in Humans.

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For Research Use Only. Not intended for use in food manufacturing or medical procedures (diagnostics or therapeutics). Do Not Use in Humans.

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