Blautia producta as Next Generation Probiotics

The commensal gut microbiota provides new therapeutic potentials against diseases. It is a valuable source to develop novel medical agents for the prevention and treatment of disease. Creative Biolabs has been focusing on the development of live biotherapeutic products (LBP) for more than 10 years, with very profound experience, senior technical experts, and a comprehensive mature research platform.

Introduction of Blautia producta (B. producta)

Blautia spp. are thought to be important players in human health and disease. Within the genus, B. producta was identified as a key species responsible for the restoration of colonization resistance against vancomycin-resistant enterococci, which was attributed to the secretion of a lantibiotic. B. producta may serve as a potential probiotic to prevent the infection and transmission of antibiotic-resistant conditional pathogens. B. producta is an anaerobe, mesophilic, Gram-positive bacterium.

Morphology of <em>B. producta</em> DSM 2950. Fig.1 Morphology of B. producta DSM 2950. (Liu, 2021)

B. producta for Disease Treatment

  • Hyperlipidemia

The researchers screened 2250 human gut bacterial strains from 186 species for the lipid-decreasing activity in HepG2 cells through a cell-based high-throughput screening platform, in which 388 strains steadily inhibited lipid accumulation. Among all the tested strains, the mucosal bacterium B. producta exhibited the most potency to suppress lipid accumulation, and gavage of live Bl. producta effectively ameliorated hyperlipidemia in mice. 12-Methylmyristic acid (12-MMA) was identified as an important active metabolite of B. producta, which exerted a potent anti-hyperlipidemic effect in vivo and activated G protein-coupled receptor 120 (GPR120), thus stimulating white adipose tissue browning. This work demonstrated B. producta as a novel probiotic to exert a prominent antihyperlipidemic effect via the 12-MMA-GPR120-WAT browning axis to improve hyperlipidemia and obesity.

<em>B. producta</em> ameliorates HFD-induce hyperlipidemia.. Fig.2 B. producta ameliorates HFD-induce hyperlipidemia. (Wu, 2021)

Immuno-modulatory effects of infant gut bacteria were tested on poly (I:C) stimulated HT-29 intestinal epithelial cells. B. producta decreased transcription of poly (I:C)-induced inflammatory genes. It exhibited anti-inflammatory effects in human intestinal epithelial cells through attenuation of pro-inflammatory signals and not through induction of anti-inflammatory cytokines by the bacterial strains tested. Such findings could be useful for the development of new therapeutics for inflammatory bowel disease and other inflammatory disorders.

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  • Strain Products

We supply a variety of B. producta strains of different preservation numbers. If you need other strains, please contact us.

  • Customized strain culture supernatant. (e.g.: for animal research)
  • Customized lyophilized powder of strains containing certain CFU. (e.g.: for animal research)

A comprehensive understanding of B. producta will facilitate the development of novel therapeutics against diseases. Creative Biolabs is undoubtedly the best service supplier for your B. producta research. When partnering with us, there is no need to change suppliers, which can be time-consuming and expensive. Please do not hesitate to contact us to learn more.


  1. Liu, X.; et al. A Comprehensive Assessment of the Safety of Blautia producta DSM 2950. Microorganisms. 2021, 9(5): 908.
  2. Wu, C,; et al. Strain-level Screening of Human Gut Microbes Identifies Blautia Producta as a Novel Anti-hyperlipidemic Probiotic Via the Production of 12-methylmyristic Acid. Research Square. 2021.

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For Research Use Only. Not intended for use in food manufacturing or medical procedures (diagnostics or therapeutics). Do Not Use in Humans.

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