Butyricicoccus pullicaecorum as Next Generation Probiotics

Butyricicoccus pullicaecorum (B. pullicaecorum) has gained the status of a promising exponent of the recent wave of next-generation probiotics that are currently making their way into clinical practice. Creative Biolabs offers well-established and innovative One-Stop-Shop live biotherapeutic products (LBP) solutions. We are a multidisciplinary, qualified & experienced team.

Introduction of B.pullicaecorum

B. pullicaecorum cells are Gram-positive, anaerobic, non-motile, coccoid, and usually arranged in pairs. On M2GSC agar after 24 h at 42℃, colonies are white, smooth, circular and 1-2 mm in diameter. The G+C content of genomic DNA of the type strain is 54.5 mol%. The type strain, 25-3T (=LMG 24109T=CCUG 55265T), was isolated in 2007 from the caecal content of a 4-week-old broiler chicken. B. pullicaecorum was a butyrate-producing bacterium that may protect chickens from harmful microorganisms and necrotic enteritis. Whole-genome sequencing indicated B. pullicaecorum to be nonvirulent, with limited antibiotic resistance potential. B. pullicaecorum safety has been demonstrated in rats through both standard acute and 28-day repeated oral dose toxicity tests. Patients with infectious gastroenteritis, including inflammatory bowel disease, exhibit fewer B. pullicaecorum in their stools.

B.pullicaecorum for Disease Treatment

A safe butyrate-producing microbe, B. pullicaecorum, has been shown in clinical trials to possibly reduce cancer progression. Scientists demonstrated a correlation between urothelial cancer of the bladder and B. pullicaecorum. supplementation of B. pullicaecorum may provide opportunities for therapeutic intervention in different bladder cancers through the secretion of the specific SCFA, butyrate. Also, administration of B. pullicaecorum or its metabolites improved the clinical outcome of colorectal cancer (CRC) by activating the SCFA transporter and/or receptor, indicating that B. pullicaecorum was a probiotic with anti-CRC potential.

Representative images of SCFA-related gene expression in mouse bladder after <em>B. pullicaecorum</em> administration. Fig.1 Representative images of SCFA-related gene expression in mouse bladder after B. pullicaecorum administration. (Wang, 2021)

B. pullicaecorum is a promising probiotic candidate and shows positive effects on chronic inflammations. The researchers evaluated the effect of B. pullicaecorum in a rat colitis model. Oral administration of B. pullicaecorum resulted in a significant protective effect, it was able to decrease lesion sizes and inflammation in a rat colitis model, and supernatant of B. pullicaecorum cultures prevents cytokine-induced epithelial integrity losses in an in vitro cell culture model.

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B. pullicaecorum is a potential next-generation probiotic that is safe following oral administration. If you're researching on B. pullicaecorum, Creative Biolabs’ experienced staff aid with study design and strain analytical testing. Please feel free to contact us, let us know more about your needs.


  1. Wang, Y.C.; et al. Supplementation of Probiotic Butyricicoccus pullicaecorum Mediates Anticancer Effect on Bladder Urothelial Cells by Regulating Butyrate-Responsive Molecular Signatures. Diagnostics. 2021, 11(12): 2270.

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For Research Use Only. Not intended for use in food manufacturing or medical procedures (diagnostics or therapeutics). Do Not Use in Humans.

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