Full range of live biotherapeutics drug discovery services, including strain identification and validation, analytical development and qualification, GMP manufacturing, cell bank creation and storage, fermentation, lyophilization, etc.

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Live Biotherapeutics Drug (LBPs)

LBPs have shown great promise for reducing infection, stimulating innate immune responses, and modulating gastrointestinal metabolism. LBPs and probiotics can re-establish the necessary balance between the microbiome and its host in several pathologies. These new agents function through modulating and augmenting the microbiome for beneficial or therapeutic effect. Therefore, they are more safe, convenient, and effective.
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Creative Biolabs has abundant experience in LBPs discovery to help our customers accelerate live biotherapeutics projects. We will work with you at all stages of the LBPs development process from the initiation of your project to the large-scale production of your microbes.

Next-Generation Probiotics (NGPs)

With the development of analytical methods, such as the next-generation sequencing and bioinformatics platforms, many potential NGPs have been discovered or currently under intensive development.

Diseases Linked to NGPs

Under healthy conditions, dynamic interactions exist between the host cells and the vast diversity of microbiota microbes to keep a balance. Once the situation of microbiota dysbiosis, lots of diseases will be developed

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