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Overview of Germ-free Mouse

Mouse models provide an excellent tool for studying human diseases associated with microorganisms. Germ-free animal models have been used to explore host-microbiota interactions in entire fields, including neuro-gastroenterology, cardiology, reproductive biology, lipid metabolism, and bone homeostasis. The term germ-free (axenic) refers to an animal that is free of microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoa, and parasites, during its lifetime. Germ-free mice can be used to study the complete absence of microorganisms or to study the production of germ-free animals completely colonized by known microorganisms. Germ-free mice must be regularly monitored for contamination using culture, microscopy, serology, gross morphology, and sequencing-based detection techniques.

Germ-free mice can be used to study the effect of gut microbiota on its host.Fig.1 Germ-free mice can be used to study the effect of gut microbiota on its host. (Karlsson, 2013)

Establishment of Germ-free Mice

The new strain to create germ-free mice requires the fetus to remain sterile in the womb. The pups are delivered by sterile cesarean section and transferred to a sterile adoptive mother in the uterine sac. Afterward, maintaining and breeding colonies of germ-free mice in isolators is relatively straightforward, with free access to autoclaved food and water. The germ-free status of mice should be monitored regularly by culturing fecal samples for aerobic/anaerobic bacteria and fungi and conducting 16S PCR testing for bacteria that cannot be cultured.

Available Mouse Models for Gut Microbiota Research

  • Drug-Induced Models
  • Diet and Microbe-Induced Models
  • Surgical Models

Advantages of Germ-free Mice

Germ-free mice are a powerful scientific tool allowing researchers to directly study the influence of the microbiota. One of the principal advantages of the germ-free model is that it allows the researcher to colonize mice with bacteria and study the effects on host physiology and behavior. Its artificially controlled state allows us to study the dysfunction that arises without any microbial input in behavior, anatomy, and physiology. It also provides a clean background onto which we can add either a single strain of bacteria, such as in moon colonization or a predefined cocktail of commensal microbiota. Furthermore, the gut microbiota of germ-free mice can be "humanized" by transplanting fecal microbiota from human patients or inoculating from animal models of disease thus enabling the study of the role of given combinations of bacteria on disease pathogenesis.

Germ-free Mice Model Testing Services at Creative Biolabs

Creative Biolabs' Products for Germ-free Mice Model Research

  • Probiotic strain products
  • Customized strain culture supernatant.
  • Customized strain lyophilized powder containing certain CFU.

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  1. Karlsson, F.; et al. Assessing the human gut microbiota in metabolic diseases. Diabetes. 2013, 62(10): 3341-3349.

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