Recombinant Lactobacillus casei Expressing Protein Secreted by Akkermansia muciniphila Construction Services

Using genetically engineered lactic acid bacteria (LAB) to deliver functional protein is a promising approach, especially for oral administration development, which could effectively protect the protein from protease digestion and induce effective functions. The LAB expression system has been widely used in the development of oral vaccines, and its effects have been demonstrated in vitro and in vivo. Creative Biolabs is an innovative, experienced provider of custom live biotherapeutic product (LBP) services, we understand that each customer's requirements are different.

Overview of Lactobacillus Casei

Lactobacillus casei is well known as a kind of Gram-positive bacteria with its probiotic property for humans and animals, which can maintain microflora homeostasis, inhibit pathogens growing and regulate pH balance in the host gastrointestinal environment. Lactobacillus casei participates in the body's metabolic pathways and play important roles in the body's immune system. With excellent colonization ability, it exists in the mucosa and continues to multiply, allowing sustained production and release of the target protein. Compared to the Escherichia coli expression system, the most significant advantage of the Lactobacillus casei expression system is that the genetically engineered Lactobacillus casei with vaccine and pharmaceutics purposes can be directly applied via oral administration.

Circular representations of the chromosomes of Lactobacillus caseiFig.1 Scanning electron micrograph showing Lactobacillus casei cells. (Gobbetti, 2014)

Akkermansia Muciniphila and A Novel Protein P9

Akkermansia muciniphila and its different parts, including live or pasteurized Akkermansia muciniphila, Amuc_1100, P9, as well as AmEVs, have been shown to reduce body weight and fat mass gain, and regulate glucose homeostasis and intestinal barrier. Akkermansia Muciniphila is thought to have the ability to reduce body weight, fat gain, and blood sugar, increase heat production, and improve intestinal barrier function and immunity. The level of Akkermansia muciniphila decreased in several metabolic diseases, including obesity, type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM), cardiovascular diseases (CVD), and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). Among the mechanisms, recent studies have identified several putative biomolecules. Among them, the short-chain fatty acid propionate is known to bind to the G protein-coupled receptors 41 and 43 (GPR41/43) expressed on the L cells, thereby stimulating the secretion of GLP-1. The newly identified protein P9 is secreted by Akkermansia muciniphila and binds to ICAM-2 to directly trigger the secretion of GLP-1 by the L cells, while P9-stimulated IL-6 secretion by macrophages and/or intestinal epithelial cells further promotes GLP-1 secretion.

Specific biomolecules produced by Akkermansia muciniphila and their mechanisms of action.Fig.2 Specific biomolecules produced by Akkermansia muciniphila and their mechanisms of action. (Cani, 2021)

Services at Creative Biolabs

We can construct recombinant Lactobacillus casei expressing protein P9 or other biomolecules secreted by Akkermansia Muciniphila for researchers to study the stronger beneficial effects of this strain.

Akkermansia Muciniphila is considered a promising "next-generation beneficial microorganism" for its effective improvement of metabolic disorders. In addition to the live Akkermansia muciniphila, similar or even stronger beneficial effects have been observed in pasteurized Akkermansia muciniphila and its components, including the outer membrane protein Amuc_1100, Akkermansia muciniphila-derived extracellular vesicles (AmEVs), and secreted protein P9. Focus on your research and let the LBP experts at Creative Biolabs provide the services that you need to run your research. Our recombinant strain construction service will assist your extensive research into the potential uses of Akkermansia muciniphila or other probiotics. If you are interested in our services and products, please contact us for more information.


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  2. Cani, P.D.; Knauf, C. A newly identified protein from Akkermansia muciniphila stimulates GLP-1 secretion. Cell Metab. 2021, 33: 1073-1075.

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For Research Use Only. Not intended for use in food manufacturing or medical procedures (diagnostics or therapeutics). Do Not Use in Humans.

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