Probiotic Expression Systems

Many species are already widely used as probiotics for the treatment or prevention of various medical conditions, including inflammatory bowel diseases, infections, and autoimmune disorders. The potential of lactic acid bacteria as live vehicles for the production and delivery of therapeutic molecules is being actively investigated today. The ability to control the expression level of foreign proteins in lactic acid bacteria (LAB) may offer certain advantages. Very efficient expression systems based on the antimicrobial peptide (nisin), sugar utilization, or nonsense suppressors have been developed for Lactococcus lactis. Select lactobacilli are increasingly recognized as modulators of health, gaining interest as microbes used as health-promoting functional food ingredients, and as delivery vectors for vaccines and biotherapeutics. Creative Biolabs provides customized engineered live biotherapeutic products (LBPs) strains construction to accelerate your research project. The products include but are not limited to the following list. Please feel free to contact us for detail.

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