Cell Culture Based Bioassays for Live Biotherapeutic Products

Due to the rapid development of genetic sequencing technologies and bioinformatics platforms, researches on the role of gut commensal bacteria in health development has rapidly attracted much more attention beyond the classical pathogens. Creative Biolabs is revolutionizing human health by building the leading discovery and analysis platform to find more effective live biotherapeutic products (LBPs) to restore key functionalities of a healthy microbiome. Our cell culture-based bioassays can rapidly detect probiotic strains’ safety, stability, metabolic profiling, stress response profiling, potency, etc.

Importance of Cell Culture Based Bioassays

Cell Culture Based Bioassays for Live Biotherapeutic Products

LBPs, referred to as next-generation probiotics (NGPs), are biological products that contain live organisms. LBPs commonly are beneficial gut microbiota that exerts a number of health-promoting activities with the suppression of allergic responses as well as anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor effects. Cell-based bioassays to assess biological or biochemical activities are required for pharmaceutical drug or biopharmaceutical drug development, including next-generation probiotics. Cell-based bioassays are used to assign LBPs’ safety & potency and to assure the quality and consistency of the manufacturing process. Moreover, these bioassays can help reveal the LBPs’ mode of action.

Cell-based Bioassays Services for LBPs

Creative Biolabs has excellent knowledge of scientific rationales to perform customized cell-based bioassays for LBPs. Our specialized professional experience and bioassay expertise enable highly efficient, rapid, and cost-effective solutions to complete your cell-based bioassays projects. We will be your trustful partner in LBPs’ development, especially cell-based bioassays tests that are essential for the drug approval process and commercialization.

  • Study of probiotic effects via microbial adhesion bioassays - invasion interference of enteroinvasive species in intestinal epithelium cell lines.
  • Study of cellular responses, including but not limited to immunomodulation, oxidative stress, digestibility, and monocyte activation, in different cell lines via bioassays analysis in the presence of LBPs.
  • Study of the effect of LBPs on translational rates in different cell lines.
  • Study of the toxicity of LBPs in target cell lines (cell proliferation & cell death assays).
  • Study of the interactions of microbiota-immunity in immune cell lines.
  • Study of cytokine profiling in immune system cells.

Notably, besides the traditional two-dimensional (2D) culture systems, we also provide 3D cell cultures for probiotic testing studies that are better suited to restore intrinsic properties and imitate in vivo behavior.

Advantages & Features

  • Highly specialized staff to provide most diversified services
  • First-in-class equipment with different readouts (flow cytometry, ELISA, etc.)
  • Custom-tailored & modularized services to meet different specific demands
  • Fast turnaround time and optimal cost performance

Creative Biolabs is committed to providing overall solutions for LBPs bioanalysis and qualification to evaluate safety and efficacy. Our analytics approach combines proprietary bioinformatics, chemistry, molecular biology, and microbiology expertise to identify differences in core microbiome functionalities between healthy and unhealthy individuals. We aim to rationally design LBPs that restore missing functionalities and achieve targeted immune modulation and optimization of metabolic pathways. If you want to get more scientific support, please feel free to contact us .

For Research Use Only. Not intended for use in food manufacturing or medical procedures (diagnostics or therapeutics). Do Not Use in Humans.

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For Research Use Only. Not intended for use in food manufacturing or medical procedures (diagnostics or therapeutics). Do Not Use in Humans.

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